Saturday, October 18, 2008

"I Read A Lot" / Nick Lowe

Lord I'm sorry, I've gone AWOL again. I've got one more week to finish this #&@$% book and then I promise.

But hey, all work and no play makes Jack Nicholson turn into an axe-wielding murderer, right? So I did take off Friday night to go see Nick Lowe perform at Carnegie Hall (or at any rate, Carnegie Hall's downstairs recital venue, Zankel Hall). A pretty classy spot for the old geezer, eh? He was in fine voice, relaxed and happy, and...oh, screw the set list and credits, I'm in love with Nick all over again (will this madness never stop?) and just had to post this little bit.

This is a new song he's trying out on the road. Although, as he said Friday night, since he already sang it the last time he was in New York, which was only last April (lucky me!) he can't really get away with calling it a new song anymore. Now it's a just a load of old tosh.


Anybody who thinks this guy isn't at the top of his game has to be tone-deaf. Watch, listen, and enjoy -- it's divine.

I Read A Lot video


Uncle E said...

Great tune, but what's with all of the background bar noise chatter? Don't those people have any couth? Don't they realize they're in the company of greatness?

Frickin' heathens!

Natsthename said...

Lucky you!

SOmetimes I envy peeps living in NYC and the proximity to fab shows. But then, I live close to Boston and there's plenty there. I just have no easy babysitting...etc. I know. Excuses. Excuses. I am going to see Neil Young in Dec, though, with Wilco.

Nick Lowe IS still classy, so why shouldn't he be in a classy venue surrounded by classy fans? ;)

Anonymous said...

I saw Nick Lowe, with opener Graham Parker - yay!, last night at Tarrytown Music Hall (classy venue, by the way). What a pairing of gracious, funny and talented performers. Lowe's subdued version of Peace, Love & Understanding was pure magic. Three-minute song after three-minute song, the man was mesmerizing.

Holly A Hughes said...

MMmmm, yes, I made it up there too. (Restraint is not my forte when Nick's involved.) Graham was wonderful too -- very funny, very political, almost Robyn Hitchcockian at times, which is a good thing in my book. It was the last night of the tour, and Nick was even looser and more engaging than he was in Manhattan. Great crowd, too!

BTW I got absolutely no work done on my book today, I've been in a total Nick-induced haze all day...

Mark said...

What a great song! Nick played it when I saw him in Minneapolis last week. He just keeps getting better and better, his voice sounds so great now! I'm really hoping Nick's got more new songs stashed away. I'm jealous you got to see him twice! I got to meet Nick after the show, he's the nicest guy!

Mark said...

There's a wonderful version of Nick singing this song on A Prairie Home Companion. You can listen to it at: